Odyssey International is now doing business as Odyssey Global. CAGE 3QJDO / DUNS 086547218

Technology Division

Odyssey Global’s Technology Division offers several cloud-based service offerings under the Odyssey PRIME brand. Odyssey PRIME is a modular platform for advanced large-scale and/or complex applications. PRIME applications cover a broad spectrum of domains including critical resource management, service and maintenance, compliance tracking, logistics, personnel tracking, real-time sensor monitoring, strategic asset management, data analytics and business intelligence. PRIME services are offered as hosted cloud solutions accessed via browsers and mobile devices providing real-time, secure and global access at all levels of our customers’ organizations from Commanders and CXOs to field and office personnel.


Certified for Department of Defense and Government Agency use with the highest levels of security on the market today for the most sensitive workloads. Data centers across the globe delivering fast, high scale and geo-redundant services.


Providing a “command center” and situational awareness for the most sensitive and complex missions and businesses.


PRIME’s revolutionary capabilities result in solutions specifically tailored to organizational needs without compromise. PRIME applications are designed to painlessly adapt to evolving organizational needs.


Odyssey PRIME is currently operating highly sensitive workloads for the United States Department of Defense across multiple services and agencies. These customers have worked directly with Odyssey to ingest data and operate the service on their behalf while accessing and uploading data via the web and mobile devices. Odyssey PRIME customers articulate the value of the system as follows:

  • High security for sensitive Government and Commercial workloads
  • Real-time access and upload provide consistent data from Command Operations to the field
  • Global data centers provide highly secure, fast, geo-redundant capabilities
  • Data analysis and machine learning provides critical insights and situational awareness


Odyssey Global’s core technical team members come from the largest US technology companies and collectively hold dozens of patents. PRIME applications leverage leading-edge technologies to manage our customers most critical and sensitive workloads.

Odyssey has been awarded contract GS-35F-674GA by the US Government. The Odyssey PRIME suite of products can be purchased via the General Services Administration catalog.  Click this link to access the GSA Advantage catalog and purchase Odyssey PRIME products.

Critical Resource Management and Secure Data Access

Odyssey PRIME’s Resource Manager provides cloud-based critical resource management capabilities with a highly secure cloud data store. The secure data store, Data Vault is also offered to customers standalone as a highly secure yet flexible storage solution.

Resource Maintenance Management and Notifications

Odyssey PRIME’s Resource Maintenance Manager provides cloud monitoring of critical resource state and maintenance schedules by asset-category and region. The Integrity Notification Manager provides real-time notification of vulnerabilities and potential service related issues.

Command Center and Data Insights

Odyssey Resource Insights is a command center for critical organizational situational awareness. Our data analysis and machine learning software highlight relationships and insights across asset categories and systems providing our customers with unprecedented awareness and control.

Field Applications

Odyssey PRIME’s Field applications run on mobile devices (such as iPhones and iPads) to provide field access via secure encryption and multi factor authentication. Field applications provide real-time data and update capabilities to our customers, their staff and partners.

Inspection and Property Assessment Applications

Our inspection software includes industry-specific inspection forms and property assessment tools that upload to the PRIME service in real-time. Our intelligent forms can perform calculations, do data validation, add geo-tagging and time-stamps and minimize user-based errors. PRIME mobile applications are GEO-aware and provide contextual information based on location and user.

Data Audit Management

Odyssey PRIME Audit Manager provides the ability to track and audit budget dollars and funds by unique asset numbers and types. This allows our customers to track specific funds and budgets to resources and asset-life-cycles.