Odyssey International is now doing business as Odyssey Global. CAGE 3QJDO / DUNS 086547218

Fuels Division

Odyssey Global’s Fuels Division offers a broad range of fuels infrastructure services from the construction of bulk fuel storage facilities to inspections and facility operations. Our people are experts in military and commercial fuels operations and are passionate about serving our customers. Our technology and processes differentiate us from the competition and provide our Fuels infrastructure customers with visibility, insights and control.

Fuels Infrastructure Construction

We offer design build and DBB services for the construction and installation of bulk fuel storage, fuel offload, retail point, pump housing and all major fuels infrastructure projects.

Inspection and Maintenance Services

We offer our customers all major industry-standard inspections and environmental services so that they can meet their compliance needs and regulatory requirements.

Facility Operation

Our staff have led major bulk fuel storage, distribution, retail and hot fueling points across the world. We have processes, procedures and systems to provide efficient, safe and high-quality service at our customers’ facilities.


Odyssey Global’s Fuels Division has recruited technical subject matter experts and field personnel with decades of experience running major fuel programs and operations around the world. Our fuels team leaders have been hand-picked from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the Department of the Army to provide our customers with an integrated approach to fuel systems management. To further meet the needs of our customers, we have developed technology systems to manage fuel infrastructure projects and assets. Our software provides a level of customer visibility and control that does not exist on the market today.

Our team includes fuel facility engineers, operators, maintenance managers and system optimization trained experts. We utilize software that has been customized to meet the needs of our customer and site-specific compliance requirements. Our applications offer clients increased physical and financial administration efficiency by using artificial intelligence in a cloud based system. This technology provides the client with access to all facility data in real-time with extensive reporting and management capabilities.

  • Skills in US Military POL infrastructure and operations
  • Visibility and control to the customer via technology systems built for Fuels
  • Efficiency via field applications that track fuel assets and maintenance in real time
  • A solid financial base to apply to capital intense projects


Installation of fuel Storage Tanks

In partnership with certified installers and erectors, we have constructed and replaced both API and STI storage tank systems throughout the United States. Projects include storage solutions aviation, ground and heating fuel products.

Current Projects

  • Repair/Replace Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks at Letterkenny Army Depot, PA
    • The work performed consisted of replacing existing above-ground fuel tanks with new double-wall fuel tanks and repairs to existing above-ground storage tanks including repairs to ATG systems, fuel testing, lightning protection and grounding systems to UFC 3-460-01 requirements.
  • Ground Fuel Tank System at Fort Drum, NY
    • The project included the construction of a redundant diesel system to support increased flow and double the overall storage capacity. Project also included construction of a foundational base beneath the new storage tank, construction of secondary containment in compliance with 40 CFR112 and installation of interstitial monitoring system.

Fuel Infrastructure Inspection and Compliance

We have expertise in major industry standard inspections including API 653, STI SP001, Pipelines and NACE. We can also provide comprehensive fuel facility infrastructure assessments from functional evaluations to operational and environmental compliance determinations and fence-to-fence facility condition assessments.

We utilize our Odyssey PRIME software on all our fuel projects. Our cloud based management service and our field inspection applications allow us to provide real-time evaluations and reports to our clients. With Odyssey PRIME, we can standardize inspection methodologies and normalize asset data across a site. This allows the customer to quickly and easily make informed decisions on priority needs.

Fuel Point Renovation and Repair

With decades of interdisciplinary construction experience and in-house fuel facility engineering capability we have excelled in the restoration and modernization of DoD fueling systems. We are staffed with experts in US Military POL Operations, UFC Design and Industry standards.

Current Projects

  • Repair Aviation Fuel Point, Fort Drum, NY
    • Project consisted of demolition of non-compliant fuel system components and new construction to bring site up to UFC standards.
    • Repair and upgrade to aviation fueling facility to include an integrated pump motor control system. All work was completed to meet all operational and environmental compliance standards.
  • Repair Ground Fuel Point, Fort Drum, NY
    • Project consisted of demolition of non-compliant fuel servicing areas and new construction to bring site up to UFC standards for fuel sites.
    • Repair and upgrade to the retail ground fueling facility to include dispensing facilities and controls upgrade was completed to meet all operational and environmental compliance standards.